4 Best Sex Toys You Must Gift Your Partner to Spice Up this Holiday Season

The holiday season is here. And during this winter when you are living behind closed doors and celebrating from home in general, you might be planning to make this time your season of passion too. Now, for couples who have been together for long or the ones who have just started living together, this season is going to be special. The constant presence of each other in the same room and the amazing weather outside surely call for the fire within. And when your passion ignites, make the most of it with some amazing sex toys.

Why sex toys, you ask? Well, variety is the spice of life. And for sex, spicing it up every now and then is very important. Sex is not just about reproduction or a daily deal. It is about pleasure and passion that can be explored in so many ways. And adult toys for women and men can offer you that adventurous exploration. So, what sex toys you are going to gift your partner this holiday season? Read on and get inspired.

Discreet Vibrators                                              

Do you love to see your partner coming to thorns while pleasuring herself intensely? Seeing her all aroused and climaxing can be totally aphrodisiac for you when you both are at home. So, get your hands on discreet remote-controlled vibrators. Let her hold the wand against her wet clit while you control the intensity and vibration with the remote in your hand. It is a game of push and pulls. Take her on the verge of orgasm and then again bring her back to take her there again. One of the best selling sex toys for women, these vibrators are must-haves for you.

Rabbit Vibrator Inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey

Is your lover a bookworm? If yes, then she must have surely fantasized a lot while reading this infamous erotic trilogy, Fifty Shades of Grey. Now, surprise her with a rabbit vibrator that has been inspired by the book itself. Become the Christian Grey of her dreams and let her explore those uncharted territories of pleasure that she has never done before. Trust me, her moaning and whimpering will tell you how much she is enjoying your gift. Reputed stores like Good Vibe Sex Toys can offer you this one.

Realistic Dildo

Now, it is time to take matters into your own hand. The pleasure of seeing your partner at your mercy can be the biggest ego boost that you can have. And for many women, the appearance of a penis can be a big turn on too. So, when you are looking for some new toy that will make your holiday nights more pleasurable, why don’t you get a realistic dildo? These ones come with all the real-like pigmentation and veins. The sight of it will arouse her a lot while you can use it to thrust inside and pleasure her G spot.

Position Pillows

For the couples who are willing to try newer positions for increased pleasure, this is the perfect gift. Often your body might not be flexible enough to try all the positions comfortably. But comfort is important for enjoying complete pleasure. And that can happen with a position pillow. These ones come with velvety softness, easily inflated, and with handles. You can ride deep, fast, and wild, in any position comfortably. These pillows will ensure you reach the sweet spot of delight easily.

So, now as you know about these amazing sexy gift ideas for this holiday season, what are you waiting for? Look for a store to buy adult toys online now and get going.